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About CTP

Exclusive subscription software from NionNet Limited.

CTP is a new approach to cash management software developed for a busy counting room environment.

Based on our own application generating technology, CTP is the perfect tool for your cash counting operation.

Its modular design allows the addition of elements that are specific to your particular procedures and this means our highly adaptable solution is exactly the right fit for your business.

CTP enables multiple Id's to be captured with the counting information, either by entry onto the counting machine, barcode reading or manual entry in CTP.

Additional data can be associated with multiple Id's, to enhance the exporting and integration into other business areas and applications. For example, geographical locations of payment machines, VAT rates, box numbers, accounting codes, etc.

Multiple currencies and multiple counting machines can be handled simultaneously - if your counting machines can count it, CTP can process it!

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The Hub is our cloud-based Centralized Cash Management System. It is a powerful management tool that allows the authorised office to control what is going on in their counting rooms. This ‘real time’ information facilitates management of a dispersed operation from a central location. Using the Hub will allow you to:-

  • Manage counting room activity
  • Manage the export of data from all cash rooms to a single point
  • Manage metadata
  • Manage User access and permissions
  • Manage activation

There are extensions for reconcilitations and telemetry to track the flow of money through a given system. This makes it possible to identify ‘leakage’ from the system in terms of error and theft.

The hub can be configured to connect with CCTV to allow detailed tracking of events in remote cash room environments.

All information can be pushed to the company’s existing ERP and accounting systems.

The system is fully customisable.

Integration of CTP

Integration with our companion CTP Hub, cloud-based cash management software, enables remote monitoring and control of counting rooms, and the automatic collation of cash information from multiple sites, into a single view of the cash moving through your organisation. The hub can be connected in with other systems, such as CCTV and vending machine telemetry.

CTP can integrate with other systems across your organisations, such as ERP, accounting, asset management and inventory. Your cash information can enhance and optimise business processes.

Our payment machine information capture app, running on Android and iOS phones is also designed to integrate with CTP. Cash is traced from the moment it is removed from payment machines, right through the counting and banking processes. A full audit trail reconciles totals at each point in the process, enabling the rapid identification of hardware faults or fraudulent behaviour.

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